This I Believe

This is my personal video based around my personal beliefs, inspired by the This I Believe organization ( The song is Holland, 1945 by Neutral Milk Hotel. This is the full text for the video, as I know it can be hard to read:

I believe there is no meaning to any of this, besides the meaning that we ascribe to it ourselves. Things don’t happen for a reason. There is no fate. There are no soul mates. There is no destiny. The universe is random chaos. Everything that makes up our world is coincidence. There is no cosmic force or almighty creator or guiding light at the end of the tunnel.

I believe that does not mean we should live with any less hope or happiness or goodness. The world is impressive enough by itself.

I believe that the universe is more complex than we can fathom. I like to believe that we’re slowly getting closer though.

I believe in balance. I believe most dichotomies we create for ourselves are false. Quality and quantity.  Success and shenanigans. Freedom and stability. I believe in having the best of both worlds.

I believe the truth resists simplicity. I believe that generalizations are impossible. There is no black and white. I believe in grey.

I believe there is no objective good and evil. There are only repercussions of our actions. Some are positive. Some are negative. And more often than not, they’re all jumbled together.

I believe that what works for me will not work for everyone else. I believe in avoiding broad statements about what should be done or what could be done. I believe in having your own beliefs, but considering those of others.

I believe in lots of small things: in thinking (and preferably a lot of it), that there is nothing wrong with watching lots of TV as long as it’s really good, in Harvey Dent, that we all change quite a lot,  in listening to music that is good for singing along with, that the internet is immeasurably useful, in eating food that makes you happy, in doing many things instead of having a passion, that sports are often silly, that you shouldn’t be able to describe yourself in 160 characters or less, that not all things deserve to be taken seriously, in only spending your time with people you really like.


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