This I Believe Film Reflection

The process that I went through to make my This I Believe video was fairly simple. It had to start, of course, with my beliefs. I made not quite a list, not quite an essay, but a list with a little bit of explanation into each beliefs. I realized I had a lot of small beliefs that really didn’t fit into any the paragraphs which I had written, so I decided to include them all at the end. I took eight pieces of paper, one for each paragraph, and sketched out a design in pencil. I erased this until there was only a very faint outline that wouldn’t be noticeable in the video. I set up a camera and tripod and then proceeded to ink in my designs on camera. I then imported all the tapes into iMovie and sped them up to 800% (except for one section, which I ended up speeding up to 1600% and the very end, played at a natural speed). I had to cut some parts out to ensure that it flowed well and also so that is was not too long as to lose the attention of the audience.

The part that was the most fun was definitely the planning phase, when I sketched out all the designs in pencil. This was when I got the chance to be the most creative and figure out how to best represent by beliefs on paper and in a way that would also work in the video. The most challenging part was definitely the editing. However, the filming itself, though it was just tracing over what I had already drawn, was also difficult in that I knew I couldn’t go back and fix things if I made a mistake. Instead, I had to rely on what I could do in editing the clips to cut out and correct and problems. If I had to go back and do the project again, the one thing I would do differently would be to make sure everything in the video was legible. Before I made it, I had no idea a) how small my words would appear on the screen b) how quickly my video would go and c) the quality that it would be uploaded to YouTube. All of these were large factors that I would have to adjust.

Having to pinpoint one belief to be included on my poster is difficult, but I think I’ll go with “Things don’t happen for a reason”.


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