The Burning House

The Burning House

1. My framed and autographed picture of Michael (a rational decision, because once he’s famous, it’ll be worth millions)
2. My Tinkerbell box (a rational decision, because it doesn’t actually contain any childhood memories but rather my money)
3. My laptop (a rational decision, it’s one of the more valuable items in my room and I would be utterly lost without it)
4. Le Cochon de Gaza DVD (an emotional decision. While I personally have no connection to the movie and haven’t even seen it yet, I borrowed it from Madame last week and would feel bad if it was destroyed on my watch)
5. Three childhood books: Measle and the Wrathbone, The Ugly Princess and the Wise Fool, and Matilda (an emotional decision, because these were some of the books that I read over and over and over again as a kid. It’s also rational, because now I will have something to entertain myself while I’m staying in a hotel without any of my possessions)
6. My purse (a rational decision, because it has my wallet and my phone and also it’s very useful for carrying things around)

Not pictured: my cat, who wouldn’t stay still


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